More reasons to choose Gatwick valet parking from abcgatwick.co.uk

More important valet parking Gatwick things to consider

Please take time to cross check us against any cheaper suppliers, we are generally the cheapest valet parking at Gatwick supplier who actually owns their own car park, has landline telephone numbers and fixed offices that are not in our bedroom and has the Park Mark award accreditation in successive years since 2009.

We are Not a Gatwick valet parking wholesaler

Abcgatwick.co.uk is a part of Help-me-Park. who are leading and well established valet parking supplier at Gatwick Airport.

As we are selling direct to our customers we can avoid the industry standard commission of 25% usually retained by web wholesalers, this money is important to us as it represents a large additional amount of funding that we are able to use for items not found at other Gatwick valet parking companies. Things such as staff training, uniforms, insurance, offices, staff ID and ongoing development of our wholly owned web products where we aim to make your user experience the best we can.

We have landline contacts and offices

We have landline contact telephone numbers which are clearly displayed on our website.

Each year many small & new Gatwick valet parking companies spring up. These companies are usually controlled by ex-staff of real valet parking companies who think they can do a good job. Now we don't want to put people down for trying to start their own business... but here is the reality

  • NO offices - most are run off mobile phones
  • NO insurance - they simply cannot afford this on start up money
  • NO premises - they park anywhere and everywhere, but not where they should
  • NO id - largely the small Gatwick valet parking companies are staffed by their mates
  • NO experience - their staff are not well versed in driving different cars, abusing your car is of interest to these small companies.
  • NO Landline - just check through the google sponsored links for Gatwick Valet Parking, this is where all the cheapest and most unreliable companies can be found. They advertise here because they cannot afford web development costs and most or all of the items listed above.
  • NO police checks - these small valet parking Gatwick companies do not check their staff

Our Gatwick valet parking car park is owned by us

Most if not all of our Gatwick valet parking competitors do NOT own their car park, they park in industrial estates / farmers´ fields / public car parks and so on.

So we can surmise that not all parking companies are the same, if you want to risk choosing a Gatwick valet parking supplier that may be gone tomorrow then you may save a few pounds, but you may risk much more.