Can the valet parking Gatwick company vouch for their drivers?

Parking for abcGatwick is conducted by staff of Help-me-park.co.uk. Click this link to find out more.

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Gatwick Valet Parking staff are;

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Please take time to read and find out more about our Gatwick valet parking service and the way it is conducted. Not all valet parking Gatwick suppliers work to this high standard.


Our Gatwick valet parking staff are all over a minimum age of 35 and largely between over 50 and under 60 years old. These staff are sensible handpicked individuals who have been fully tested and trained. They are police checked and insured to drive all vehicles.

Wearing valet parking Gatwick Uniform

Many small valet parking companies are started at Gatwick each year, these companies offer lower prices but they do not have secure car parks, uniformed staff and really should not be trusted with your car. Ask yourself this: does your Gatwick valet parking supplier have uniformed staff, or a landline contact, or a car park with planning consent?

They have Gatwick valet parking ID

All our Gatwick valet parking staff carry company ID held on a lanyard around their neck so that they are visible and can be shown to customers. Not all valet parking companies at Gatwick can offer this, many smaller companies are staffed by friends and family who are not so responsible.

They are insured

Our valet parking Gatwick drivers are fully insured for the movement of your vehicle to and from Gatwick Airport to our secure parking facilities.

Not rushed

The Gatwick valet parking staff (employed by Help-me-park) are not under pressure to rush your job, careful planning coupled to booking and demand control mean that we schedule a sufficient amount of drivers to deal with our anticipated demand.

Not interested in driving your car fast

Our mature valet parking Gatwick staff are really too long in the tooth to worry about racing here and there in your car. We are busy all the time and hence have no interest or time to joy ride or otherwise move your vehicle anywhere other than to and fro our secure facilities and the Gatwick valet parking drop of areas.

Gatwick valet staff - Disclosure Scotland

Police basic disclosure, filed on-line with disclosure Scotland. All our Gatwick valet parking staff are registered with Disclosure Scotland.

disclosure visit www.disclosurescotland.co.uk